Weekend ART!

I was tired of seeing my ugly-basic tackle box.  I took it upon myself to make it sparkle with inspiration and self-reflection.  This past weekend I took action!


My main inspiration was the tragedy & comedy masks.  I wanted it to symbolize my two sides.  One (on the left) is mean, ready to jump off the tackle box -both its little hands are groping the box (right hand fashionable knuckle rings).  The other character is happy, easy going flashing the peace sign.  Over their heads I put the moon/day to show their polarizing attitudes.  Both heads are "coming out" of the box.

I need better pictures to show the vibrant colors against the white backdrop.  I wanted the shades to motivate, and energize me.  Everytime I look at it - the point comes off clear.

I received a lot of positive comments from design peers and random students on campus.



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