Time Lapse Video: Amway Center

Tomorrow October 1 at 10:00am the new Amway Center opens in Orlando - 400 W. Church St. Orlando, FL 32801.  I found a time lapse video of it's construction.  I love time lapse videos! 

50 People Who Matter - No. 42 ZAHA HADID

1. (2) Rupert Murdoch
2. (1) Barack Obama
3. (-) Mahmoud Ahmedinijad
4. (10) Xi Jinping
5. (-) Steve Jobs
6. (26) Pope Benedict XVI
7. (24) Ashfaq Kayani
8. (12) Angela Merkel
9. (4) Eric Schmidt, Larry Page & Sergey Brin
10. (44) Hugo Chavez
11. (-) Binyamin Netanyahu
12. (12) David Petraeus
13. (-) Sarah Palin
14. (-) Craig Venter
15. (-) David Cameron
16. (13) Bill Gates
17. (-) Felipe Calderon
18. (-) Khaled Meshal
19. (25) Warren Buffett
20. (7) Vladimir Putin
21. (8) Osama bin Laden
22. (-) Angelina Jolie
23. (-) Julian Assange
24. (-) Lloyd Blankfein
25. (-) Hillary Clinton
26. (-) Mark Zuckerberg
27. (-) Ratan Tata
28. (-) Stephanie Meyer
29. (31) Sonia Gandhi
30. (-) James Cameron
31. (28) Ingvar Kamprad
32. (-) Stephen McIntyre
33. (-) Moqtada al-Sadr
34. (-) Aung San Suu Kyi
35. (-) Margaret Chan
36. (-) Jacob Zuma
37. (-) Bob Diamond
38. (35) Oprah Winfrey
39. (-) Paul Krugman
40. (36) Mohammed Yunus
41. (34) Simon Cowell
42. (-) Zaha Hadid
43. (22) Amartya Sen
44. (-) Lady GaGa
45. (6) Malalai Joya
46. (-) John Lasseter
47. (-) Julia Gillard
48. (-) Han Han
49. (14) Paul Kagame
50. (-) Caster Semenya

Zaha Hadid aka first-lady of Pritzker aka bad ass architect is number 42 which is perfect since that is the answer to everything; as I suspected architecture has the finger on the pulse.

One day I'll be there - representing!!!!!!!!!! 

New Satesman
Wiki: Zaha Hadid
Zaha Hadid Blog

Architecture + Fashion = Circular Glasses (part 3)

I.M. Pei                                Le Corbusier

Philip Johnson                              Richard Meier 
Runway Spring / Summer 2011:
Marni                                         DVF

Valencia - Phoenix

Submissions for the Phoenix magazine are still being taken in poetry, art, fiction, and nonfiction. All entries are automatically entered in the annual contest for $100 in each of the four categories, to be awarded by Student Development, West Campus.

**Submissions for poetry, fiction, and nonfiction end on October 14 at midnight (it goes by the time of your email). Art submissions will continue to be accepted through the end of the fall semester!

Click on the Phoenix icon in Atlas, or visit valenciacc.edu/phoenix for information and submissions.


I have such an arsenal of paintings to submit.  I am looking into short stories that I have written to enter as well.  This will be my second entry into a "competition"

Analia 0 - Comp 1

Trying to get my number way higher ;)

Nail Art: Jackson Pollock

At my local dollar store I picked up these little 
I went crazy cuz they are a $1 :D    To the cocktail party I had neon-persimmon stripes. 
I was chatting with Shelley while playing with other colors and all of them one on top of another inspired this Pollock action-nail-design.   I started with a white base and dripped 4 colors of my choosing.  I paired these nails with a black t-shirt with headphones nebula design- ala Christopher Kane
and a purple cardigan with a electric blue deco head band

True Story:  when I was a young girl I used to bite my nails really bad.  Now that I do not I paint them and have fun with it.  Sometimes I catch myself biting my nails and I stop!




I love Bad Religion so fucking much - today their new CD is out and I gots-meself a copy - As with every BR CD I'm going to play it out until I know every verse.

Love you Doctor Graffin + Company


Sustainability: Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates.

I am reserving my opinions of Abu Dhabi, to focus on ARCHITECTURE.

The full article is great...I have a couple of tid bits here:

  • Used "wind towers" to funnel air down to street level
  • Angled streets to the sun's east-west trajectory to maximize shade
  • 90 percent of the power used will be solar the rest via incinerators
  • Undernearth city garage
  • wind tower


Obsessively Opposed to the Typical: Lady Gaga !!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost died when I heard the news that the tickets to Lady Gaga's Monster Ball are on sale this SATURDAY for her APRIL 15th, 2011 show.   Then I almost died again when I realized I have a class/pin up this SATURDAY from 10:00am from 2:00pm


I'm going to see if my brother can stand in line and prepare to throw elbow for two glorious tickets! 

I've been dying to see her live.  Everytime the tickets go on sale they sell out so quick!
Last time she came around the tickets went on sale at 5:00pm and sold out in like a minute - I was on the internet while Anthony was dialing and they were already gone!  By 5:05pm they were on craigslist for four times the mount.  Anthony said he would buy me one but I refused to have him spend $200 for a $35 ticket - fucking scalpers!  Plus those tickets were not even close.  I wanna be standing in the front - I want to SEE the show.  I have been to some concerts where I was far away I could see her performer but not really, I was looking at the monitors.  I remember thinking "I should of stayed home and bought the concert DVD"


Architecture + Fashion: Parisian Dreams - Part 2

The Centre Pompidou hosted the: A Shaded View on Fashion Film

A fantastic multi-day festival dedicated to fashion film of the experimental and fabulous kind.  The previews are interesting to look at, the performers including: My name is Claude,  the judges Diane Pernet, Tavi.... A who's who of fashion and "it" status.  Whenever I think of the Centre - it takes me back to History II and the final presentation that I did with a fellow architecture student about: Renzo Piano.  The Centre is as unique as the event!  I cannot wait to see it in person.  During our presentation we used colors to identify the workings of the different pipes on the outside.  The unconventional arrangement of the structure allows for maximum space allocation.

Once again my Parisian dreams are shattered by my lack of funds.  In my perfect world I would be jetting to this with my entourage, sitting front row and finger snapping instead of clapping (i'm bringing it back).


Center Pompidou
Wiki: Renzo Piano
My Name is Claude
A Shaded View on Fashion
Tavi: Style Rookie

Gays can adopt!!!

   I was raised by two heterosexual parents whose idea of parenting included mental and physical abuse.  They paired it with alcoholism and self medicading; giving me a colorful upbringing. 
   When I hear ridiculous claims that same-sex couples cannot possibly raise children I shake my head in dissapointment.  There is no other side of the argument.  In my book: whenever a person(s) is against laws that would move gays rights forward, they are homophobic.  Saying "I have nothing against gays, it's just in the bible..."  that's code for "I don't want to come off as the homophob I am, so I'll just use the bible as excuse."  Same, different sex couples, or single parents could raise another human being to be productive members of society; as long as they are good people with love to give and a stable home to provide - why stand in the way.  When this ban was over turned I was ecstatic that children have a better chance to go to a loving home, than bounce around foster homes.

Great comment by humuhumunukunukuapuaa:
MEMO TO TEABAGGERS: You want to take America back? Well, I prefer it when we take it forward.

Source: Huffington Post 

RIP John Bonham

May 31,1948 – September 25,1980

I was not born to mourn his passing, but his contribution to the arts still resonates 30 years after his death.

I married Franz Kafka and Philip Glass!

      After I spoke to a couple of classmate's about what is required for Tuesday's class I got some mixed information regarding the dimensions.  One was able to send me a picture of a Google Sketchup preliminary drawing of what her "merge" would be.  I was a little confused - by this time it was too late to email the Professor, inquire about the project and get a timely response.  The general consensus was that I had to marry/merge the chipboard models Kafka and Glass. I was not completely happy with my last attempt at translating Franz Kafka's "Common Confusion" into a spacial moment, so this was a perfect opportunity to redo it.  I was pretty happy with the way the Glass model turned out; and, because of its multiple pieces and time constraints I could not properly merge them without compromising craft.  Instead I chose to redo the Kafka piece in such a way that I could just "slide" it into Glass.  And, it worked!
      I kept it pretty stereotomic and simplistic with only one notation throughout the model (time is always against me).  I could not show up to class with nothing or with a piece of shit model that looked like I assembled it an hour before class.  I at least had to take a leap to kill two assignments with one well measured model.

***These pictures were taken in the design studio after I spoke with my Professor and he suggested I cut some pieces out of the model to show the spacial joint.  That is why there are some cut out pieces/pencil and marker on it***

KAFKA - Old vs. New:

Old: New:

Here comes the bride:

MOMA Exhibition: Counter Space "Design + the Modern Kitchen"

Counter Space explores the twentieth-century transformation of the kitchen and highlights MoMA’s recent acquisition of an unusually complete example of the iconic “Frankfurt Kitchen,” designed in 1926–27 by the architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky. In the aftermath of World War I, thousands of these kitchens were manufactured for public-housing estates being built around the city of Frankfurt-am-Main in Germany. Schütte-Lihotzky’s compact and ergonomic design, with its integrated approach to storage, appliances, and work surfaces, reflected a commitment to transforming the lives of ordinary people on an ambitious scale. Previously hidden from view in a basement or annex, the kitchen became a bridgehead of modern thinking in the domestic sphere—a testing ground for new materials, technologies, and power sources, and a spring board for the rational reorganization of space and domestic labor within the home. Since the innovations of Schütte-Lihotzky and her contemporaries in the 1920s, kitchens have continued to articulate, and at times actively challenge, our relationship to the food we eat, popular attitudes toward the domestic role of women, family life, consumerism, and even political ideology in the case of the celebrated 1959 “Kitchen Debate” that took place between Richard Nixon and Nikita Khrushchev in Moscow at the height of the Cold War.

Featured alongside the Frankfurt Kitchen is a 1968 mobile fold-out unit manufactured by the Italian company Snaidero. These two complete kitchens are complemented by a wide variety of design objects, architectural plans, posters, archival photographs, and selected artworks, all drawn from MoMA’s collection. Prominence is given to the contribution of women throughout the exhibition, not only as the primary consumers and users of the domestic kitchen, but also as reformers, architects, designers, and as artists who have critically addressed kitchen culture and myths.

Frankfurt Kitchen Floorplan

Architecture + Fashion - part 1

Watching all the goodies flow out of FNO + all the FW's from around the Globe - I have seen some pieces that remind me of architectural works.

Bamboo Shelter by Designer Esan Rahmani and Mukul Damle

Christian Siriano SS2011

Papa Ford is pleased!


Annoyed: DO ASK + DO TELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very upset that the don't ask don't tell policy is no closer to being eradicated! There was a ton of exposure and force behind this movement.

Wall Street Journal:
“A majority of the public now supports ending the prohibition, opinion polls show. Republican objections to the bill Tuesday centered on its timing and other aspects of the legislation.

Beyond that, strategists don't believe either party has much to gain from campaigning hard on the issue.”

McCain and his right-wing pitch fork carrying party does NOT care what the people want.  They just follow their own agenda fueled by religious mumblejumbo and delusions of how it ought to be.  This is exactly why we need term limits; there is such a thing as being out of touch with reality.

As an inhabitant of planet Earth, I am ashamed that there is so much animosity within our own species (don't get me started on animal rights). It really eats me up inside they cannot marry, in some states adopt, attend their prom, openly serve in the armed forces. It is issues like this that feeds homophobia in our society and keeps the gay community as second class citizens.

If anyone gay/straight/bi/trans wants to serve this country and potentially die to protect our lifestyle, rights, constitution, government, etc - I have no problem with it and no one in D.C. should either. What happened to support our troops and having pride in our brothers and sisters in arms? In the battlefield the enemy does not care if their target is gay or straight. We must get it together and move forward as one.

Lets all be gay for a day :)


G A Y   R I G H T S    NOW!!!

anOther Magazine: 3D Kate Moss

Time to put those 3D glasses that were gifted to me from AMC Theaters to work:

Created by AnOther Magazine with artist and filmmaker Baillie Walsh, KM3D-1 stars Kate Moss. The work continues Moss and Walsh's journey into experimental, multi-dimensional image-making, first seen in their legendary holographic film for Alexander McQueen's autumn/winter 2006 show.

They are here: VIP Package

Dear Analia,

You are invited to be our guest for this year's production of La Maschera Goes Hollywood, presented by Stella Artois.

The event will take place Saturday, September 25 from 7:30pm to 11:00pm at Star Tower's Terrace located at 260 S. Osceola Ave in beautiful Downtown Orlando.  To confirm your attendance, please RSVP to (XXX)XXX-XXXX.

SEPT. 21: REPEAL DON'T ASK - DON'T TELL (video and picture heavy)

Ever since I saw her escorted to the MTV Awards by servicemembers impacted by the don't ask/don't tell policy I knew this would take off.  She is such a proponent and fighter for the gay community - it makes my little heart flutter with more love for her.

The final hour has arrived. Today at 2:15 PM ET, the full Senate will determine whether "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) repeal will move forward this year. For repeal to happen, we need 60 votes to break Senator John McCain (R-AZ)'s expected filibuster. All supporters must call their senators now.

Call both your senators at the Capitol switchboard right now and urge them to vote to end the filibuster and move on to a real debate on the Defense bill.

(202) 224-3121

These senators are currently uncommitted on breaking the filibuster and particularly need to hear from us today:

--Susan Collins (R-ME);
--Olympia Snowe (R-ME);
--Mark Pryor (D-AR);
--Richard Lugar (R-IN);
--Judd Gregg (R-NH);
--Jim Webb (D-VA);
--George Voinovich (R-OH);
--Kit Bond (R-MO)

He squirts himself when he needs a fix ... Seriously?

I've done my fair share of partying from late nights that turned into early mornings; I have seen and done quite a bit.  I think this is one of the oddest commercials. The references of Tood gushing/cuming are strong with this one. The freaky eye is, well freaky. The song is catchy and disturbing.

I am taking a wild guess that they drank the special tea blend whilst deciding the direction of this marketing campaign. 

I'm officially starting the gushers are filled with LSD - fact not fiction - movement.

Sober does not produce this:

VIP Coming Through

When I get down in my ridiculous neo-abstract-action-expressionism paintings I do not do it for money or notoriety (though it is nice) but for the joy of creating art. I paint on canvas, desks, tackle boxes, mirrors, frames, or anything else that I feel is boring. Painting allows me to shape the world around me to a more dynamic and comfortable one. As my education progresses; I am exposed to more ideas and movements that fuel my excitement for the future and upcoming projects I embark. My brain sparks with new proposals and designs. I shake with excitement, sometimes so much so, that I throw away the brushes and dip my hands right into the paint. I do it with viciousness that comes not from a dark place but from a go get ‘em, can’t wait to finish this and start another place. The hunger in me to make art through any medium is overwhelming that at times that I have to just step away.

Design 3: Philip Glass "Floe" (picture heavy w/ video)

For this project we had to interpret the song "Floe" by Philip Glass into Architecture.

a view from the top

Design 3: Franz Kafka "Common Confusion"

For this project we had to read Franz Kafka's "Common Confusion" - translate it into a drawing forming our own notation.  We took a piece of that drawing and transformed into space - That space then into a chipboard model:


view from the top

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3 9/17@9pm


ENZIAN: Coco Chanel + Igor Stravinsky

The ENZIAN presents:
Florida Film Festival 2010 Official Selection

In 1920, the paths of two of the last century's most iconic artists crossed. This film picks up where COCO BEFORE CHANEL left off - shortly after the end of World War II - when the fashion iconoclast Coco Chanel offers refuge to the exiled, poverty-stricken composer Igor Stravinsky. Stunning costumes, exquisite sets, immortal music, and fine performances by Anna Moudlalis and Mads Mikkelsen make this sexually-charged period piece a deeply moving and sensual delight.

Fri 9/17        3:30-6:30-9:30
Sat 9/18       3:30-6:30-9:30
Sun 9/19      3:30-6:30-9:30
Mon 9/20    6:30-9:30
Tue 9/21     6:30-9:30
Wed 9/22    6:30-9:30
Thu 9/23     6:30-9:30

I've got to find time this weekend to catch this - lots of times available for my viewing pleasure
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