Obsessively Opposed to the Typical: Lady Gaga !!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost died when I heard the news that the tickets to Lady Gaga's Monster Ball are on sale this SATURDAY for her APRIL 15th, 2011 show.   Then I almost died again when I realized I have a class/pin up this SATURDAY from 10:00am from 2:00pm


I'm going to see if my brother can stand in line and prepare to throw elbow for two glorious tickets! 

I've been dying to see her live.  Everytime the tickets go on sale they sell out so quick!
Last time she came around the tickets went on sale at 5:00pm and sold out in like a minute - I was on the internet while Anthony was dialing and they were already gone!  By 5:05pm they were on craigslist for four times the mount.  Anthony said he would buy me one but I refused to have him spend $200 for a $35 ticket - fucking scalpers!  Plus those tickets were not even close.  I wanna be standing in the front - I want to SEE the show.  I have been to some concerts where I was far away I could see her performer but not really, I was looking at the monitors.  I remember thinking "I should of stayed home and bought the concert DVD"


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