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When I get down in my ridiculous neo-abstract-action-expressionism paintings I do not do it for money or notoriety (though it is nice) but for the joy of creating art. I paint on canvas, desks, tackle boxes, mirrors, frames, or anything else that I feel is boring. Painting allows me to shape the world around me to a more dynamic and comfortable one. As my education progresses; I am exposed to more ideas and movements that fuel my excitement for the future and upcoming projects I embark. My brain sparks with new proposals and designs. I shake with excitement, sometimes so much so, that I throw away the brushes and dip my hands right into the paint. I do it with viciousness that comes not from a dark place but from a go get ‘em, can’t wait to finish this and start another place. The hunger in me to make art through any medium is overwhelming that at times that I have to just step away.

This morning when I was contacted with 2 VIP tickets to La Maschera next Saturday, I almost passed out with excitement. I am still beaming with joy because at this social event I will meet other artists that work hard on their craft to perfect their signature. I cannot wait to be among these people and talk canvas/paints/styles/etc...I hope to come out of this with new friends and fresh ideas.

My date for this even is my brother, who is an artist in his own right. He can draw some amazing things. Just give him a pencil and watch him go. He takes his passion to a medium which I have never ventured to: Clothes. And, he does it so well! He is meticulous in his designs and stencil work.

He and I will spend the night socializing and networking. We are creative tag team of up-and-coming artists to watch!

My bones rattle with artistic expression. I am going to go sketch!

The 411:

Walk the red carpet, dress up as your favorite Hollywood star, and enjoy an artfully-inspired evening filled with glitz and glamour. The "Best-Dressed" will win a weekend stay in a luxury suite at the Sonesta Resort Downtown including dinner for two. Runners-up will receive gift certificates to Regal Cinema's.

The event will include live entertainment by Rico Monaco and Sol Sons, nu visions in photography, the Flipbook People and the Photo Booth by Photo Magic. The evening will also offer complimentary beverages by Stella Artois, heavy hours d’oeuvres by Crave, Shari Sushi Lounge, Gringos Locos, and Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza with sweet endings by Schakolad Chocolate Factory.

Proceeds help to stimulate and guide the development of a vibrant, innovative arts and cultural district in Downtown that nurtures a creative, diverse and balanced economy for Orlando's citizens, businesses and visitors.

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