Humans in Bloom

Beautiful representations of flowers through the human body, by artist: Cecilia Webber


Full Gallery: Flavorwire

Givenchy: Asian Sensation

The perfect execution of the white and pale colors in light airy materials give this collection an ethereal and hyper-femme feel.  Is it weird that I wanna wear these dresses and enter a room backwards?!



Architecture + Movies: Julius Shulman

I watched the movie Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman months ago and happened to have found this clip which is a fabulous montage of a “brief” history of modern Architecture. The movie follows Julius Shulman's career as an Architectural Photographer.  He happened to have worked with Architecture's biggest name by photographing and bringing structures to life with his unique vision and use of shadow and lights.


Bond, Gizmo, Bond

This weekend I became the official and only guardian of Gizmo.  To celebrate he got a shiny bow tie, and a beef burrito from Taco Bell.

He is soo freaking handsome.


Food: Everything except for Bananas and Chocolate
Past Time: Smelling Olive's Poon
Friend: Olive and Alex
Crush: Sugar
Nemesis: No one he's a lovah not a fighter
Stuffed Animals: Pink Monkey
Spot: Top of his back by his tail

His Nicknames



And Then There Were Three

Human Experience #10.840: Outdoor Arts

The Essentials:
Macbook, skulls, glitter, paper towels, carboard, easel, blank canvas, painbrushes, paint, book: Sex with Kings.

I worked on a cylindrical shift.  While the skulls dried I painted, when the painting needed to dry, I read.


The Skulls:
I applied more layers of paint, and then the glitter.  I adorned the teeth.  All that it is needed is the gloss / sealer and paint the back before attaching the ring.  After all this I'm going to wear it around and test how it looks - whether the paint holds up, chips, etc.

Concord Grape Skull
Silver Glitter
White Teeth 

Red Apple
Gold Glitter
Gold Tooth


The Painting:
It is not done yet.  I still have to put a couple more colors in it, like blue.  I love to mix my own colors - experiment with all the shades.  I didn't know what I was going to do.  I picked up the brush and dipped it in the yellow paint.  I thought of the word happiness and what it feelings it gives me.  I equate it to a tranquil moment, looking at the sun and just taking in the warmth, levitating.


ReMix: My own shade of grey.
I was impulsive and mixed it straight on the table.

ReMix: My own shade of orange


The Hands:
This is what they looked like after all was done.

The End:

Here comes the sun moon.


Moving Gifs: gickr

Majestic Journey: Skull Fucked, part 1

Yesterday, we were working on new ideas for rings.  These are a couple of tests.

 Test no. 1


We were not happy with the result.  The glitter is too translucent and did not look good.


Test no. 2 

I took off the glitter from test no. 1 on the sample skull.  I decided to combine apple red acrylic paint with the red glitter.   I don't have a picture of the result but it was favorable.  A step closer to what we are looking for


Test no.3 
I didn't want to use one of the sample skulls that we have lying around.  I made a whole new batch of skulls that are clean, and ready to be worked on.  I busted out the sand paper to smooth out the edges. Each skull is distinctly different from the next.

This is the result.  I decided to stick to one single all around color.  Each skull is hand painted with multiple layers to achieve a rich color composition.  I made sure that I didn't add too much paint to the teeth so that they stand out and have more depth than the rest of skull.  I have let them dry overnight now today I am adding the glitter, and the single gold colored tooth.  We are working on ideas for the back of them, maybe a contrasting color to add pop and interest - enforcing our attention to ever part of this piece.

lets break up to make up

Sally Hansen
Natural Butter Lip Shine in Nectar

Delivers a hint of natural tint and shine. Natural Based Lip Gloss derived from 94% natural ingredients. Contains Natural Antioxidants helps keep lips looking healthy. Environmental Friendly Packaging.

kissy, kissy ;)

Manicure Monday: Ziggy Zig ahhhh

Over the weekend I bit off most of my nails for some reason or another.
I have these little stumps to work with, so I decided to keep it simple.
One coat of clear, One Sharpie design, and another clear coat.



Merriam Webster can read minds!!!

I have the word of the day app on my phone; on Saturday I looked at the home screen and there it was Klatch which was/is perfect for the situation :)  How did it know?!  ;)  Freaky!

Happy Birthday Dr. King !!!

"Now is the time to lift our nation from the quick sands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood...As we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. We cannot turn back."

I have a Dream Speech


"The nation is sick. Trouble is in the land; confusion all around. That's a strange statement. But I know, somehow, that only when it is dark enough can you see the stars."

I've been to the Mountaintop Speech

Adventures in Advertising: Best Buy

I went shopping all over with my aunt yesterday.  She came to visit from Argentina to spend time with my mother.  She saw an advert for a digital camera, and we went hunting for one.  Best Buy was one of our many stops.  It was place packed and their employee to customer ratio is 1:9.  When I get bored I start to do things.  Like changing their alarm clocks to all go off at 4:20pm everyday.  Then I made my way to their Apple computer displays.  As a fan of their products and proud macbook user, I had to cause a teenie tiny havoc.  I am a tornado, I am a hurricane, I am a definite force.

I want this sooo bad.  HFHS looked so good all big and bright.


Wouldn't mind this as my: on the go - at a coffee house, lappy top.

I love it!!!

R+T: Modern Love

richard buckley + tom ford

Oh, Papa Ford!!!  This story is so freaking adorable.
I'm love stoned <3

Excerpt from the OUT magazine story:
"Every time you think, I love you, I really believe you have to say it. If you think about holding their hand or kissing them, you do it. I do it all the time...I think that’s what that recognition is when you look someone in the eyes and you feel like you’ve known them forever. It is a kind of coming home."

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, barf.


Architecture + Art: Dalicious

Dali Museum - St. Petersburg, FL


I've been waiting for this museum's grand opening ;)  I originally planned on attending today but there was a lot of factors that derailed my plan.  We are going this weekend Sunday night to Monday and staying in a hotel - gonna have fun and party. 
There has been much talk about the new museum inside and out.  Does the stair case embody the surreal artistry of Dali? What's with the concrete?  It is weird.  It is not weird enough. Etc...
I am not one to judge, at all - I want to see it up close then make a final assessment.

Throught photograph; I personally like the static grey concrete building juxtaposed the fluid geodesic glass design. Now how this is executed in real life - it might be a whole different story.

Work-Shenanigans: Tea Bag

My co-worker loves to drink tea, and loves to leave his tea bag around.  Rockin' Robin came up with this clever idea.  Many jokes this morning were made out of it:

They really do write themselves ;)


Manicure Monday: Happy New Years

I wanted to floss with some sharp cute colors, that represent all NYE festivities:
Pink with a gold-glitter line through it

Sally Hansen: Lavender Pearl

The "Rainbow in Every Bottle" sticker sold me ;)

down by the where you drown your scars.

Today the Spring 2011 semester begins.
It will start and end without me.

le sigh

I think we're just gonna to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that.

For a Friend...

I did this for my friend 2 weeks ago...He was going through some heart ache, which I related to - we established the "broken heart club" totally cheesy but 100 percent authentic.

I have a saying: throw money at the situation.
It's not the best advice but sometimes it's the only thing that works.
Money might not buy long-term happiness; but it does help with short-term contentment.


Materials:  Wood, Acrylic Paint, Black Sharpie, Band-Aid, Hemp String

______________ - YOU FAIL ME

I just created myself in clay via the - Clay Yourself
Everything was going awesome, UNTIL I finished it and had to enter my details
they would not accept my full name Analia.  It kept erroring saying: Please keep it clean!
Obviously they are picking up the anal in my name. 
I am sending a bitchy e-mail to them - Analia is a very beautiful, unique, hispanic name.  I had to anglicize my name for their approval.  A modern day Ellis Island story.

I look so raging :)


Me and the Hotels.Com clay guy are gonna make clay babies with very "appropriate" names like:  John and Jane Doe

This is my email to them:

You are only coming through in waves

Thank Unicorns Its Fucking Friday


Going to a invitation only party this weekend and taking this little charm with me
I bought this cross body at KMart for a steal:  $7!!!
While my brother and I went to to the K for some XBox 360 games he saw advertised in the paper ... I spied a 50% of all purses and accessories sign. 

I bought 2 more <3 faux leather is where it's at <3
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