I married Franz Kafka and Philip Glass!

      After I spoke to a couple of classmate's about what is required for Tuesday's class I got some mixed information regarding the dimensions.  One was able to send me a picture of a Google Sketchup preliminary drawing of what her "merge" would be.  I was a little confused - by this time it was too late to email the Professor, inquire about the project and get a timely response.  The general consensus was that I had to marry/merge the chipboard models Kafka and Glass. I was not completely happy with my last attempt at translating Franz Kafka's "Common Confusion" into a spacial moment, so this was a perfect opportunity to redo it.  I was pretty happy with the way the Glass model turned out; and, because of its multiple pieces and time constraints I could not properly merge them without compromising craft.  Instead I chose to redo the Kafka piece in such a way that I could just "slide" it into Glass.  And, it worked!
      I kept it pretty stereotomic and simplistic with only one notation throughout the model (time is always against me).  I could not show up to class with nothing or with a piece of shit model that looked like I assembled it an hour before class.  I at least had to take a leap to kill two assignments with one well measured model.

***These pictures were taken in the design studio after I spoke with my Professor and he suggested I cut some pieces out of the model to show the spacial joint.  That is why there are some cut out pieces/pencil and marker on it***

KAFKA - Old vs. New:

Old: New:

Here comes the bride:

This was the original Kafka & Glass:
this matrimony ended in divorce with Kafka on the way to being cannibalized for parts


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