Annoyed: DO ASK + DO TELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very upset that the don't ask don't tell policy is no closer to being eradicated! There was a ton of exposure and force behind this movement.

Wall Street Journal:
“A majority of the public now supports ending the prohibition, opinion polls show. Republican objections to the bill Tuesday centered on its timing and other aspects of the legislation.

Beyond that, strategists don't believe either party has much to gain from campaigning hard on the issue.”

McCain and his right-wing pitch fork carrying party does NOT care what the people want.  They just follow their own agenda fueled by religious mumblejumbo and delusions of how it ought to be.  This is exactly why we need term limits; there is such a thing as being out of touch with reality.

As an inhabitant of planet Earth, I am ashamed that there is so much animosity within our own species (don't get me started on animal rights). It really eats me up inside they cannot marry, in some states adopt, attend their prom, openly serve in the armed forces. It is issues like this that feeds homophobia in our society and keeps the gay community as second class citizens.

If anyone gay/straight/bi/trans wants to serve this country and potentially die to protect our lifestyle, rights, constitution, government, etc - I have no problem with it and no one in D.C. should either. What happened to support our troops and having pride in our brothers and sisters in arms? In the battlefield the enemy does not care if their target is gay or straight. We must get it together and move forward as one.

Lets all be gay for a day :)


G A Y   R I G H T S    NOW!!!


Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Wiki
Library of Congress: Bill Summary & Status

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