I am so tired of these eHarmony ADs --- What if..................

You are shown these seemingly perfect for each other couples: laughing, sharing, loving, etc..
Then they ask:  What if you could be loved for who you really are...
if you are GAY - you have to go to a whole separate site. Notice there are no same sex couples in any of their commercials. 
if you don't show enough conformity in your questionnaire. 

A former roommate of mine truthfully answered their 100+ questions, at the end he was not "eligible" - I guess there is no love for him out in eHarmony land.  He was genuinely upset about it. 

eHarmony prays on desperation and $59.99 a month - as long as you are a church going, god fearing, LL Bean wearing, Volvo driving, single heterosexual person.

STOP passing judgement!!!!!!!!!!

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