Occupying the Nothing

Nothing is always there.  When there’s conscious and none.  Through the expansions and contractions.  Nothing supersedes reality. Nothing is above emptiness.  Nothing flows through everything.  Nothing is in everything.  Nothing is in the background.  Right now Nothing is being filled.  

At the edge of the Universe it is watching the passing through. Nothing is abundant.  
Nothing in the sense that we are familiar with, but not negative.  Nothing cradles us.
There between blinks, the short burst of darkness, of Nothing.

You are nothing -  You are everything.  

Nothing is Everything.
Nothing is Power.
Nothing is above limitations.

Human Experience #11,561: Officially an Alumni

First in my family :)  I am beyond excited!  When I received the good news I teared up a little.  It's a huge deal and I am very proud that slowly but surely I got here.  I cannot wait to get the diploma and frame it.  I walk in May - I cannot wait to get my cap and gown.

Human Experience #11,439: Rich in Love and Money

October 18, 2012

him "you're great. don't ever die!"

me "did you say- don't ever die?" -getting choked up-

him "yeah"

me "i'll put it off as much as possible"


Into my quiet time

"It’s been months since I’ve visited this space. I’ve attempted to start a post ultimately abandoning it in favor of short bursts of thought on Twitter or opting to just keep whatever it was I wanted to say to myself. I’ve always prided myself on my ability to be open and expressive but had also figured out a pretty adept method of feigning transparency. I would give up enough to appear as though I was sharing (and I was) but I was also keeping enough to myself to remain properly hidden.  The last few months (maybe a year) has been no different. I’ve been thinking about coming back to this space but I didn’t know what I could say here without spilling everything. I have a tendency to talk too much and over share and then spend time worrying about who will read what and use it against me or who will read what and judge the punctuation or who will read what and read more to it than it is. The last few days, especially, I’ve had an urge to visit this place and talk as openly as I could without “hiding behind metaphors or similes”. I’ve put it off again in favor of short bursts of thought on Twitter and opting to just keep whatever it was I wanted to say to myself."

Human Experience #11,176: Cheap Cook

Egg Mix in Bread Basket

1 lb MorningStar Crumbles (12 oz bag)
10 eggs
½ cup of milk
½ teaspoon of black pepper
½ teaspoon of salt
2 tablespoons of parsley flakes
½ cup shredded cheese - halved
36 pieces of bread (1.5 loaves)

Pre-Heat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix  the eggs, milk, pepper, salt, parsley and ¼ cheese:

Spray the pan:

Un-Crust the bread and flatten with roller:

 Mold into muffin cup:

Spoon in mixture and put in oven 13 minutes:
I remove the pan sprinkle more cheese on the top:

This was really cheaply done for a lot of people and it is delicious!

Good Bye: Christopher Hitchens

 1949 - 2011

As a writer and free thinking card carrying staunch Atheist I was deeply sadden by the passing of Christopher Hitchens to cancer.

He lived a long life with meaningful contributions to the arts and helped usher a new-ear for reason.

Cancer took his body but his legacy lives on in his publications.


Three Weeks of MADNESS

The Dead Man - By: Horacio Quiroga

An unnamed farmer is working in his banana plantation as usual, clearing space with his machete. Satisfied with his progress, he decides to rest before finishing.  As he usually does, he plans to cross a barbed wire fence and stretch out on the nearby grass.  This time, however, things go terribly wrong.  He accidentally trips and falls, landing on the ground.  He is in the position he intended but notices that his machete is in a strange position: half of it protrudes from his shirt under his waist.  Trying to look around, he realizes that the other half of the machete has pierced his abdomen.

Incredibly but inexorably, he calmly assesses the situation and concludes that his life has come to an end.  He sees that is so badly wounded that he is now dying; to all intents and purposes he is really already a dead man, as there can be no remedy.  He thinks about his life, as he drifts in and out of consciousness.  Nevertheless, it is hard for him to accept such a sudden and senseless end.  He knows that death is inevitable, but he thought that he would have a normal lifespan, that he would have time to prepare for death.  He has expected a full life, with its share of hopes, dreams and problems.  Instead, he is suddenly dying – simply because of an accident, a moment of petty carelessness.  He realizes that nothing about him has changed, that his surroundings have not reacted to what for him is a cataclysmic event.  He resists the horrible thought.  Nothing has changed – his own banana plantation is the same.  He knows it well, after working on it for so many years.

Morning Melt

This is the text that I wake up to:

"I've never felt this way about any girl. You're simply breathtaking.  I want to share every experience with you. I feel bad if I think a bad thought about you or a thought I think might deceive you, and I want to sacrifice to make you feel better. how could any halfway-decent person ever hurt you.  the people that hurt you are assholes that like being in control and taking advantage of your kindness. I love you and I'm rambling.  My girlfriend is amazing"

beyond words <3


Dasha Cray

Some fool hit me head on

I'm fine my car is not.  It leaked a lot of liquids!!!  It was a good day I was on the way to the gym then school but it turned crappy :( 
The good thing is that I called Progressive by the time I was done with my convo the rep had a tow truck en route and a rental waiting at the Enterprise near my house.  It was so relaxing to know that shit was taken care of and I wouldn't miss work or had to make more phone calls.

Bravo Progressive.  Fuck you dude in the white pick up!


One fabulous month with One very special man who keeps my smiling, laughing and deep in love 

Everyone should be this lucky  <3



Apple Monster

Olive is adorable and weighing in at 5 pounds (packing it on for winter)
She saw me eat an apple and started barking at me!!!  Not like a little bark but full on barking, growling and snapping at me for my apple.  I gave her a piece and she didn't even eat it!  She's a spiteful adorable bitch.

I love her to death.  

She's a pillow monster and now an apple monster!

Green Apples are the shit - can't blame her:

This is what her brother Gizmo did while she did that:

He isn't even phased!!! He knows her ass so well already.  Lets her bark it out.

Got 'Em!!!

My brother and I are back on the BONNAROOOOOOooooOoOoOoOOooOO !!!

This will be our 3rd tour (haha) we always have a shit ton of fun and make memories that are unforgettable


I know he comes with us and we can drive up there :)  Last time we drove in a 2 car caravan it was fun.
Tennessee is a beautiful State!


I saw this video today and I can relate

all too well being in a relationship that is toxic and wanting to leave but not wanting to end things.  It was a horrible existence filled with a lot of love.
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