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I love art.  I have always doodled, drawn, traced, painted, and created in any way possible.  When I needed to escape I was able to construct my means.  I am not breaking any barriers in innovation, but my contribution however small and amateur are better than none.  I keep making and going.  It is the only way I know how to be.  Last week the Art Project, by Google opened up.  It is a virtual way to explore museums from all over the globe.  Some museums have online virtual tours of their galleries, and if lucky of special exhibition, and events.  Google has taken art and put it on steroids.  You can navigate the museums, look at the art, zoom into the works and bring up all this information: height, medium, notes, other work by same artist, etc.  It is amazing!

This is how I get to escape without leaving Florida. My eye candy:

Van Gogh Museum : Amsterdam

art x nerd

Human Experience #10,875 : Birth of PUSH


The aftermath:

I started by dripping black paint and using a brush to push the paint about the canvas.
Then I used my hands to smear it around.  The static object:


I used the same technique with the blue, using the same paintbrush.  I wanted to transfer some of the black paint onto the blue to show an attachment between the elements.

I mixed the orange and just splattered it on the painting. I used the natural splash from the orange paint to direct the motion. The colors mixed together adding to the effect of movement and depth.

I wanted the picture to capture the momentum of Push.
I knew the colors I wanted to use and the feel that it needed to have.
Translating it onto canvas was the original challenge, but I got it together
and worked it out.  I want it to say:

Don't Stop. Keep Going. Push Through. Obstacles are welcomed.

Intentional inspirational piece; keep on keeping on:

I need a better picture, once it is more presentable.

I love it.

Manicure Monday: Neon Texture

I started my nails Monday in my total girly night of vogue, cosmo, and RHCP.  I wasn't excited about the hot pink color alone.  I wanted texture and today I found it.  My shower poof.  I have another one so I cut some pieces and stuck it on, applying clear hard top coat.   It feels awesome. 

I bought the hot pink to commemorate the pink layout on the Vogue cover.

before boring:

With Texture - Hot Pink / Purple: 

The plastic mixed with the clear top coat and made a purplish color happen:

Sally Hansen
XTreme Wear: Fuschia Power

Got it :D

Gym Tan Laundry type of day?
More Like:
Gym, Post Office, Walmart,

I sat on my bed with this and Cosmo while I listened to Red Hot Chili Peppers and took my old nailpolish off...Yeah, one of those days  ;)


Blast from the Past: Manicure Wednesday

Last Wednesday I did my mani/pedi to have is fresh for Team Sheen on Thursday.

I went a little modest.  Commander in Chic with black dost that smeared when I applied the top coat:

Holy Products = Money!!!!

I have been busy and playing catch up on here.  But alas I am catching up :D

Products like this make me laugh out loud.  I wish I could of came up with it.
As an Atheist I don't think I am capitalizing on the crazy existence of believers.  They scheme each other already.  I might as well get mine.

Made and Distributed by: Holy Land Orlando, FL - I wish that was a lie.

Human Experience 10,868: Drs and Shopping and


Saw this at the dollar store and made me miss Pants Off VWeekend ;)


Architecture + Vacation: Free Spirit Hotel

This is my kind of spot: seclusion in the woods.  Getting lost in the Canadian forest has never looked so posh.  These spheres are not the typical room, tucked 15 feet up above the ground they provide unconventional accomodations.  This fits right in with my love for all things spheres.  Buckminster would be proud.


Happy Valentine's Day

Even though this holiday is a complete sham:

I wish everyone orajel kisses and warm hugs
today and everyday

Givenchy at Grammys

I reckon her machine is Fashun


At an earlier post I blogged about the fantastic collection Givenchy has: Asian Sensation.  When I saw Florence Welch in this number, I rejoiced :)
She is wearing the one dress I loved with the Swans splashed accross the chest and gives good back while doing so.  Show that color baby.  Kill it :D


Nature vs Nurture - Answered!

A question filled with heated debate answered by Lady Gaga: We are born this way ;) 

Nature 1 - Nurture 0


Manicure Friday: Valentine's Special

I had to do something special for this weekend :) I went to WallyWorld and picked up this sexy red:

Petities: Rock N Red


Malltastic Journey

I saw this at the mall and thought it was very amusing:

Yes Sir!  :D

TUIF: Big events

It is FRIDAY this day always seems like forever and a year to get here, but when it does it is just soooo sweet. 

Two awesome things today:

1. The GAGALiciousness of BORN THIS WAY comes out <3 9am EST
March Issue of US Vogue:  Fucking Fantastic.  McQ and Aidermann on point!
As with every Gaga issue I will buy, read, lick and repeat. 

2. It is Fantastic Pants-Off Friday with my lovah

Sauce: NYMag

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