i want to go to sleep but laying in bed is haunting
I can't let this define me
it can only shape me
the passing glimpse of a red whisper in your life
i have a heavy conscious
a weary pocket full of disdain

it's fucking killing me

you see me now?

"... I saw you for a brief second as you walked out of building 9..
I was in Baldwin's D3 class at that moment..The hair is hard to miss!!"

friend request accepted

Give if you Can

Turkey was hit with a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake :(


:D Blush

Guess who got a direct Tweet from Bad Religion Member Jay Bentley ?????


Yay I am his Twitter Girlfriend.  I am blatantly starting this rumor :D

He tweeted this:

Then I replied, and he replied back <3

fuck yeah :)

Source: My Twitter


This is why Mitt Romney's Mormonism MATTERS:

Human Experience #11,107: Separation of Corporation and State

Human Experience #11,107: Separation of Corporation and State

I went to another Occupy Orlando assembly last night. I will be attending Occupy Orlando this Saturday October 15th downtown at the Orlando Chamber of Commerce.

I am very upset by the state of affairs in this country.  I feel That there are many issues that should be tackled but are not Because policy makers are making money off their situation. I get paid to do my job, but I do not get special kick backs From my company’s competitors to sabotage day to day operations.     

Politicians are put in office

They are not put in office

They should be looking out for our best interest because the day they are OUT OF OFFICE they might be affected by their shitty policies.  Stop selling us out for money. 

October is....

October is suffering from multiple-month-syndrome:

Breast Cancer Month
Which I support as a lover of my own breasts and other ladies and men breasts.  In memory of those who lost the battle and the unfortunate ones who are going through it.

Hispanic Heritage Month
This is an obvious since I am Hispanic :D

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Month
Today is national coming out day :) I support this since I am bi and have had many loving relationships with women.  My sister-from-another-mother is a proud gold star lesbian who I love so much and support everything she does.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Yes to this!  I grew up in a violent household and domestic abuse shaped the way I see the world.  There is a lot of taboo about saying anything, a lot of shame that needs to be done with!

Architecture Month in Orlando
I love this - I am going to be a kick ass architect/designer/consultant/structure artist and support anything that exposes the importance of architecture in our culture.

Where the... ???

I've been on a hunt for a good jean jacket for a couple of weeks.  I am trying to have one purchased and adorned by The Fest in 2 weeks but we will see.   I am ordering studs from ebay.  I am really hoping to get a good jacket soon. I have been trolling the consignment stores :D

Can't pay full price - fuck that!

On the back I want it to say: AHIMSA!

I was thinking of putting big band pictures but I rather have that.
I am such a punk hippie girl :)
I love bad religion like a good punk girl and have long red messy flowing red hair like a hippie.  I don't take shit like a punk but I don't eat animals well that can apply to both. Instead of giving the finger or throwing fists I give the peace sign and throw kisses :D  I can't help it :D

Spread Love not HATE

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