Same day, Same clothes....  One of my professors- Professor X -wears the same thing everyday.  Now we (a small group of classmates) have been theorizing: why? 

Homeboy wears this rain or shine:

Outfit:  White shirt, black tie, dark wash jeans, black belt, black shoes.
Accessories:  Black rimmed glasses & Starbucks Drink 

At first I thought it was a coincidence. 
Now I know it is not.  There must be a purpose.

Possible Senarios:
Is it because of some religion?
Saving money? (doesn't explain the daily sb)
Is it some super experiment testing social conditions/awareness?
Cutting the shenanigans of the daily what-to-wear dilemma?
Is it one of those 6 pieces a month type deals?
Does he wear the same but different clothes on monday & wednesdays?
Does he closet have nothing but white shirts, black ties, blue jeans, and black socks?

There is also the possibility that this is his everyday disguise to easily fit in with the boring masses and he refuses to buy more conformity-outfits so he settles for the same thing as a show of resistance and force against the evil Vanilla Empire.  But, like a modern day Superman once he goes home:

He takes off this civilian costume and is some kick ass-tattooed-pierced nipples-beer drinking forehead can crushing-live for today might die tomorrow hooligan and his wife? a badass Betty who wears heels and red lipstick even to the beach.

We did ask another faculty member: Professor Y - he laughed and said he doesn't know
...the mystery continues...............
 Other notable persons that have a known look:

Uncle Karl

Anna Wintour

Diane Pernet

Steve Jobs


  1. He is part of the elite wear the same thing every day club.... that is until he gets home then I bet he goes buck wild maybe even wears a colored shirt!! I doubt he wears the same thing at home, jeez at least I hope not.

  2. @Anthony: lol maybe. Yesterday he had on a different pair of jeans!!! :) A class mate came up to me and said:
    "I bet he works for Geek Squad"




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