Architecture + Fashion: Parisian Dreams - Part 2

The Centre Pompidou hosted the: A Shaded View on Fashion Film

A fantastic multi-day festival dedicated to fashion film of the experimental and fabulous kind.  The previews are interesting to look at, the performers including: My name is Claude,  the judges Diane Pernet, Tavi.... A who's who of fashion and "it" status.  Whenever I think of the Centre - it takes me back to History II and the final presentation that I did with a fellow architecture student about: Renzo Piano.  The Centre is as unique as the event!  I cannot wait to see it in person.  During our presentation we used colors to identify the workings of the different pipes on the outside.  The unconventional arrangement of the structure allows for maximum space allocation.

Once again my Parisian dreams are shattered by my lack of funds.  In my perfect world I would be jetting to this with my entourage, sitting front row and finger snapping instead of clapping (i'm bringing it back).


Center Pompidou
Wiki: Renzo Piano
My Name is Claude
A Shaded View on Fashion
Tavi: Style Rookie

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