Rawr: Friend to Tigers and Humans Alike

Yesterday I went to pick up my mother's Jeep from service at Napleton / Kissimmee
and saw this ad:

I am not happy with the LIVE Tiger at the event.  I e-mailed the organization who is promoting it, Orlando Jeep Club, and will be calling the manager at Napleton to take down the flyers and cease the promotion of animal cruelty.


Here is my email:

I sent it to the social director, president and anyone who is on the contact us page.  This is a very serious issue, and they need to realize how determined I am.  Animal oppression, animal rights and animal welfare is something I feel strong about - compassion is not an option but a necessity. 


Please tell Orlando Jeep Club that animals are not for our entertainment.
Please tell Napleton Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge that promoting this is cruel.


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  2. Franklin:
    I’m not against this event having fun. I am against this event taking animals who belong in the WILD against its will and nature to parade it in a Jeep show for “educational” services!!!

    I can learn about dinosaurs without having one in proximity.

    Do you think the San Francisco Zoo when adopting Tatiana, thought, well in December of 2007 this beautiful Tiger will live up to its nature and kill a young man. No they did not. But when you take a beast and cage it that is what you are welcoming.

    Do you think Sea World thought that Tilikum would kill not one or two but three humans?! No, but that is what happens when you take KILLER WHALES who evolved to live and thrive in the ocean and put it in the equivalent of a bathtub.

    There is strong evidence that animals in captivity have a shorter life span, bouts with depression and uncontrollable behavior. Animals like humans when cages will do everything in their power to get out, and when given the chance for freedom they will take it. As for domesticated animals such as cats and dogs they are different than a TIGER, LION or ELEPHANT.



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