Art Installation

"Art is anything you can get away with"

~Andy Warhol


In efforts to go green AIAS is only allowing candidates one 11x17 poster.  I went to building 9 to scope it out, and the vacant space next to the security phone was begging for attention.  I had to abide.

It is only natural that we outgrow even our basic comforts
We give up something good, for something better


My father had trimmed their front tree.  I saw the stump and knew I wanted to use it.
We've had this old phone in our family, which was now stored in the attic.  My mother let me take it and use it for something better than clutter.  

My name within a heart?  I needed some nostalgia.

I attached a sharpie and tape to encourage collaboration from other candidates.  

Art is a collective.

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