Today I went with my brother to the West Campus to put up my official flyer, and check out the art installation.  We hurry in through the bottom floor and make our way upstairs.  As I turn the corner there is the phone booth.   And, what do I see???  MY COLLABORATION PROJECT IS A SUCCESS!!!
The call for action has been answered and the responses have been overwhelmingly great.  I cannot put into words how proud I am to be part of this art collective. I had a vision of this art installation bringing about the candidates together.  We all want our ideas to go forward, the solidarity that I saw from my peers just took my breath away for a second.  I was smiling from EAR to EAR.  Art  triumphed as a collective, a collaboration, a human effort, and an emotion.

I went through the design studios speaking to anyone who I encountered about my ideas for new social networking and how to improve what is already in place.  It was wonderful to meet and greet students who had questions for me about the art installation, my campaign, and me.

I embarked on this campaign with a sense of hope to bring new initiatives that I know will do nothing but advance the role of our AIAS chapter in our school and community.

So beautiful:

I saw Professor R. who and talked with me about my campaign, and what brought about this installation.  
He said to me: 
"I didn't know what exactly it was about.  Then I saw your name on it and it made more sense"  

isn't that perfect.

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