Media Marketing Darling: VOTE APRIL 4th

It is that time of the year when the AIAS votes for their new member leads: Pres, Vice Pres, Treasury, Media Marketing, etc....

I will be amazing at this position because I live/work/and breathe all things internet.  I have accounts on all major media outlets.  I am ready to spread the word of Architecture.   I have lots of ideas how to expand our association, what to do better, what to do new at all.  I am very excited.  I wish I would of attended more meetings this semester, because I need alliances.  VOTE FOR ME.

Ever since Architectural History 2 and learning about the Constructivist period - the Russian advertising posters always stood out:

I have been waiting to use it for a campaign but I could not decide when and where. 
This is a great time to put it into action.  The juxtaposition of the black and white female with the bold colors the bright call to action font is perfect for my Savage Minimalist revolution.

I need these posters made, printed, and posted around campus so that I may win the position I am seeking.

I will be attending the Monday meeting to successfully start my campaign for action.


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