I unfortunately could not go and protest outside Sea World because of prior commitments.  I read this great post and picture from JNonymous; who says everything that needs to be said perfectly:

Imagine being constrained to the walls of your empty room for the rest of your life…when you should be out exploring the world. You would go crazy too. I understand his chances of survival are slim, but at least he would be free! I’d take the risk, without a second thought. I imagine Sea World doesn’t want to take the risk because it will cost $$$. Not only to transport him back to the ocean, but then to adapt him back to the wild, then to replace him. But if they really truly cared about these animals, they wouldn’t cage them up. Set him free!

A few interesting killer whale facts:

- Killer whales are capable of swimming 100 miles in a day.

- Tilikum is the largest Orca in captivity, measuring 22ft 6in long, weighing somewhere around 12,500 lbs.

- The life expectancy of a killer whale in the wild is 50 – 60 years for males, and up to 90 years for females, however, killer whales in captivity live less than 30 years.

- Wikipedia quotes: ‘Wild killer whales are not considered a threat to humans, although there have been cases of captive killer whales attacking their handlers at marine theme parks.’ Interesting.

Some more interesting facts & details can be found at the Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society

Check out this great article by Ric O’Barry from The Cove, expressing his thoughts on Tilly and Sea World…


A letter to sea world is being drafted

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