Lake Louisa: Camping in the WILD

I have been wanting to camp for a while.  This weekend I made it happened with my friends on hand and plenty to do to enhance nature.  The stars at night looked absolutely gorgeous!  The lake was beautiful.  The people were friendly :) And the cabins?  AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  We drove past them on the way home and it is a YES all the way.  For my birthday we are renting one and turning it into a party cabin. 

I cannot wait until May!  :)  I am so excited for this and the little surprises of that weekend.  It is going to be a fantastic event with everyone I care for there :)


Setting up the tent:
C. had this awesome tent.  We only needed this one for all of us.  It is huge!
Perfect for Bonnaroo 2011 :D

Another view of our site.

C. working on the set up. 


The Lake:
No Swimming!

Beautiful sight :)  On the other side is the pimptastic cabins!!!  I can't wait for May.

Beautiful Cypress Trees along the lake.  There are canoes for rent.


The Fire:
Lots of our stay was building the fire, maintaining the fire, and finding dry stuff to throw in the fire. I did not realize so much went into keeping a fire ALIVE.


Morning After: 
V. and C.


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