Majestic Journey: Skull Fucked, part 1

Yesterday, we were working on new ideas for rings.  These are a couple of tests.

 Test no. 1


We were not happy with the result.  The glitter is too translucent and did not look good.


Test no. 2 

I took off the glitter from test no. 1 on the sample skull.  I decided to combine apple red acrylic paint with the red glitter.   I don't have a picture of the result but it was favorable.  A step closer to what we are looking for


Test no.3 
I didn't want to use one of the sample skulls that we have lying around.  I made a whole new batch of skulls that are clean, and ready to be worked on.  I busted out the sand paper to smooth out the edges. Each skull is distinctly different from the next.

This is the result.  I decided to stick to one single all around color.  Each skull is hand painted with multiple layers to achieve a rich color composition.  I made sure that I didn't add too much paint to the teeth so that they stand out and have more depth than the rest of skull.  I have let them dry overnight now today I am adding the glitter, and the single gold colored tooth.  We are working on ideas for the back of them, maybe a contrasting color to add pop and interest - enforcing our attention to ever part of this piece.

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