Human Experience #10.840: Outdoor Arts

The Essentials:
Macbook, skulls, glitter, paper towels, carboard, easel, blank canvas, painbrushes, paint, book: Sex with Kings.

I worked on a cylindrical shift.  While the skulls dried I painted, when the painting needed to dry, I read.


The Skulls:
I applied more layers of paint, and then the glitter.  I adorned the teeth.  All that it is needed is the gloss / sealer and paint the back before attaching the ring.  After all this I'm going to wear it around and test how it looks - whether the paint holds up, chips, etc.

Concord Grape Skull
Silver Glitter
White Teeth 

Red Apple
Gold Glitter
Gold Tooth


The Painting:
It is not done yet.  I still have to put a couple more colors in it, like blue.  I love to mix my own colors - experiment with all the shades.  I didn't know what I was going to do.  I picked up the brush and dipped it in the yellow paint.  I thought of the word happiness and what it feelings it gives me.  I equate it to a tranquil moment, looking at the sun and just taking in the warmth, levitating.


ReMix: My own shade of grey.
I was impulsive and mixed it straight on the table.

ReMix: My own shade of orange


The Hands:
This is what they looked like after all was done.

The End:

Here comes the sun moon.


Moving Gifs: gickr

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