FORMER Captain Owen Honors

Captain "I trashed a $17 million T45 Goshawk" Honors 

I am disgusted by the homophobic slurs that Captain Owen Honors engaged in. 

This isn't some Joe Blow from down the road.  He is a highly decorated Aerospace Engineer, who has been in the Navy his whole life.  This is a fighter pilot, who was in the Top Gun program and now is a Captain of a WARSHIP.  He is held to higher standards and should conduct himself as such.  We have poured millions of dollars into his training, for what?!  If by now he has no common sense skills then he should NOT be in charge of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier.  There are a ton of more suitable candidates that can exercise good judgement and a kick ass attitude.

I am repulsed by supporters who say this is just "satire".  This isn't satire; this adds to the disgusting homophobic problems that we have in society.  Teens and Young Adults are being bullied to DEATH because of who they are and "satire" like this reinforces HATE. 

If you changed the homophobic slurs with the "n word" he would of been kicked off the Navy without thinking twice, but because this is about gays it is not taken as seriously.  The gay community deserves the same protection and respect as any other racial/religious group.

Being homophobic is the SAME as being racist and the SAME as being antisemetic.

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