I just created myself in clay via the - Clay Yourself
Everything was going awesome, UNTIL I finished it and had to enter my details
they would not accept my full name Analia.  It kept erroring saying: Please keep it clean!
Obviously they are picking up the anal in my name. 
I am sending a bitchy e-mail to them - Analia is a very beautiful, unique, hispanic name.  I had to anglicize my name for their approval.  A modern day Ellis Island story.

I look so raging :)


Me and the Hotels.Com clay guy are gonna make clay babies with very "appropriate" names like:  John and Jane Doe

This is my email to them:


  1. Those bastards can not recognize that names aren't always Mike, Jim or Sue, whatever. Your clay you looks awesome though. I think your nose is considerably smaller though.

  2. Ah hahaha! Oh, you must show what they send back to you, if they do. You've got such a lovely name, and that avatar actually does kind of look like you! :D



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