Architecture and Fashion - Sheer Flawless

Papa Tom Ford's new Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.  Why do I call him Papa Tom?!  Because like me he's a child of Architecture; Like me he loves to surround himself with beautiful ladies and like me he loves cock.

Showing me eating is over rated as is paying rent.  Lets go shopping!!!

I want one of each, in veganized form of course:
no leather, silk, wool, feathers or fur please :D


The beautiful people came out in droves as they should have.  At 1:13 Julianne Moore's daughter has an expression on her face that hits the collection on the head: WOW! 
I am not surprised to see Queen of Haute Daphne there; she's so freaking raging.

I love him; even though, he was robbed of that Oscar. 
A Single Man still has me misty eyed.

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