Adventures in Advertising: Best Buy

I went shopping all over with my aunt yesterday.  She came to visit from Argentina to spend time with my mother.  She saw an advert for a digital camera, and we went hunting for one.  Best Buy was one of our many stops.  It was place packed and their employee to customer ratio is 1:9.  When I get bored I start to do things.  Like changing their alarm clocks to all go off at 4:20pm everyday.  Then I made my way to their Apple computer displays.  As a fan of their products and proud macbook user, I had to cause a teenie tiny havoc.  I am a tornado, I am a hurricane, I am a definite force.

I want this sooo bad.  HFHS looked so good all big and bright.


Wouldn't mind this as my: on the go - at a coffee house, lappy top.

I love it!!!

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