yo ho ho: Columbus Day massacre

Knights of Columbus - STRIKE AGAIN

They are everything I abhor:
  1. catholic
  2. defender of "marriage" they have gone as far as funding a campaing against same sex marriage IN CANADA
  3. fraternity - discrimanting the ladies
  4. Supporter of the boy scouts - no surprise there
  5. New Haven residents - I know this is brash but New Haven Connecticut is my very white pickett fence subaru driving stepford wife nightmare
  6. Changing the Pledge of Allegiance
  7. Making this day a Federal Holiday
  8. Their leaders are KKK Taco Bell Members:  Supreme Knight, Deputy Supreme Knight, Supreme Warden, Supreme Master
For real though, we need a Federal Holiday that recognizes Indegenous People. 

I represent myself as a born Atheist citizen of Earth - one day there will be no borders and we will sort out this class situation becoming an equal species chilling with each other passing it on the left hand side.

he needs to feed

Reconsider Columbus Day
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