This one is for you: Tyler Clementi

It fucking sickens me to read all the emerging reports of what happened at Rutgers.  I have saved this post as a draft because I just can't convey my disgust towards the perpetrators. 

I remember being 18 years old and exploring my sexuality.  The rush of the kiss, the caress, the well everything else that follows.  I would have been mortified if my roommate spied on me, and streamed it.    I would be mortified now and I am far from 18.

I get choked up thinking of Tyler's last moments.  He was forced into a corner of desperation and driven to suicide.  I can't imagine being there.  My heard just breaks for him and his family. 

My feelings towards not only the two "suspects" but to those who support them is this: I want to throw up in their face - so open wide.  I know those two scumbags will think of Tyler everyday for the rest of their pointless existence.  Homophobia (besides other issues) are still very prevalent in the United States "home of the free"; "melting pot of the world".  Issues like last month's don't ask, don't tell fuel the haters' ignorance and our government does nothing to ease this!  Religion is also a huge factor in many families and their outdated dogma passes judgement and false morals; continuing the circle jerk of stupidity.

So this weekend while I'm partying my face off with my homies I will take a minute and think of Tyler, Matt, and everyone else whose life was made into a living hell.  They will always be shinning stars.


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