Ocular Spectacular

I don't have lots of extra cash - the only way I can purchase clothes and/or accessories is to forgo groceries and shop for free at my parents cupboard.

According to the universal declaration of human rights,the right to food is a human right, as is the fundamental right to be free from hunger.  What they do not tell you is that food disappears into your mouth hole and reappears as shit; whereas, material things do not go away unless they are stolen. 

The moral of this disgusting story is that I need more money to afford both food and shiny things.

I looooooooove these crazy sunglasses!  I am ready to put aside my butterfly/big sunglasses for these.  A little personality on the specs can polish off an outfit with a fresh wave of energy.  Thanks to Halloween there are a ton of funky frames out there.  I cannot afford any of these, but I will sure try to get some cheap inspirational shades.

       prada                            alexander wang
        alexandre herchcovitch                      dior                             jeremy scott
                             proenza schouler                                               milly



Wiki: Universal Declaration of Human Rights


  1. Haha! I love how material objects are on the same level as food. I'm like that too, but that's not to say I'm materialistic, I just, um, like having things...

    And those crazy sunglasses again! Love the Alexander Wang ones. But I still like classic aviators above all.



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