Exclusive Savannah Pictures

Pictures of my Architecture Trip to Savannah...These photos will not be found in my photobucket or flickr account... There are so many pictures that I took 100+ that I cannot post them all on here.  Savannah is  a beautiful city.  I had a better time than I thought I would.  The city is so rich in art and architecture it is inspiring and uplifting.  I had a smile from ear to ear throughout the walkabout.  There was so much to see.  Everywhere you look there was details from railings, flower pots, to gutters - its like everyone in the city is in on it.  It was so amazing knowing that the smallest detail was not overlooked.  We went into the SCAD store to see the student made goodies - it was like walking into Etsy.  Everything was lovely, I wanted to buy something but everything that caught my eye was priced over my limit.  This is a very pedestrian, bicycle and animal friendly city!   I saw some really hip retro-style bikes, and adorable dogs which made me miss mine.  We ended the tour at Habersham Hall/SCAD the old city jail; I was able to draw some inspiration through carbon before the security guard told us to get lost.

"When I was a student I hopped fences" a little b and e encouragement from our Miami U. Professor ;)

We are returning to Savannah in a couple of weeks.  I cannot wait.  These are some of my friends and architecture companions - not everyone who went is here...My camera ran out of juice once we reached the river.

M. at the fountain in Forsyth Park

I didn't catch her name...She hand makes flowers
the flowers she makes.
M. and Friend
K. C. D. M 
S. and A.
Random students at Forsyth Park. 
Random students at Forsyth park. 
Walking through Forsyth Park. 
Monterey Square.
Preaching the Gospel of Architecture - Professor T.

Tour trolley. 
L. with H. covering up 
T. and M. trying to snap the ultimate hipster pic 
H. getting in on the hipster pic flavor 
In Memory Of...
I was here...right of the yellow rock 
life is never finished
He commented on my yoda shirt and geek chic style 
F. and the ascent 

Photobucket Architecture Design 3 Savannah Trip Pictures:  CLICK HERE

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