Sipping on the Haterade

Karl Lagerfeld and Ines de la Fressange "friends" after a 20-year feud
You got 'em...Now what?! 

I have them, you have them, the person next to you has them, some want more of them:  Frenemies!!!!  They keep me doing what I am doing.  I know I have them, they are prevalent on my FB list.  I love knowing that they spend their time and energy hating on me instead of doing something productive with their life. It makes me feel wanted and noticed.  I am no one's frenemy if I don't like you: you are dead to me...I spend no effort trying to change opinions.

You don't wanna acknowledge what I'm doing? 
That's okay baby I know I'm moving forward, you know I'm moving forward....I keep on pressing on, while you keep hating on.

True Story:

Growing up I was fat, poor, abused, awkward, and took ESL classes.  Kids had a field day with me, even my own cousin hated on me, and I didn't know how to take it.  I just wanted to have friends and feel loved - human interaction was and is very important to me - so I do not play around with some one's feelings.  I am not a scumbag.
I have a handful who are the keeper of my secrets, fears, aspirations, and source of advice.  Such as my lovely bff Kelley, I know there are more like her out there - I am on a mission to find, befriend and share fun :D

The last couple of years has been pretty disappointing, just a revolving door of good people turned sour.  I get excited when I meet someone new and "like minded". 
I don't let things hurt me easily, I try to shake it off and keep on keeping on.  I am a hopeless romantic in love and friendships.  I want to know that there is good in people even after they do me wrong, I'll give them a second chance, but I am not doormat. 
If I hear them talking shit about their other friends, it is a red flag to me about their character.  I would never ever ever talk shit about Kelley, period.

I'm the kind of chick that is there if your motorcycle breaks down at mile marker 253.3.  Moving, throwing a party, making you smile, or for a bag of happiness  :D 

I conduct friendships in a lady like manner with a sailors tongue.  I try to make it easy for people to talk to me.  If you have a problem let me know.  If I said something awful call me out on it. If you think I am rude, right me.  I have a temper but I am mild mannered, unless no one is looking.

I'll tell you if you ask, I am an open book just don't clutch your pearls because I don't sugar coat it.

Mr.Pearl agrees and is not amused

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