I Fought The Law and I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A speeding car struck my vehicle a couple of months ago.  The trooper was a total tool and gave ME a ticket even though the 17 year old speeding devil is at fault!  He claims I cut her off but I did not.  I was in the left lane I saw her coming towards me I heard her try to stop she swirved towards the left onto on-coming traffic then swirved back into my lane side swiping me!  He asked me why I didn't move out of the way....Well douche-bag I didn't know she would not slow down -and- what if I changed lanes and she did as well she would of hit me as well.  Where the accident happened is at a 35mph zone and she was way past that!!!  The trooper said:

"It doesn't matter if she was going 135mph - you could of prevented this accident and you did not"

wtf - do I look like a fucking fortune teller?!  He gave me a ticket for some bullshit; however, I lawyered up and I BEAT THAT TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So fuck you very much FHP.  I am not going to have points on my license, it will not affect my insurance, blah blah blah - I am soooo happy!  :D

My Lawyers were: 

Worth every penny.  Highly Recommended. They even have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  http://www.trafficticketbroward.com/


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  1. yep he was a tool, and maybe he had a thing for the girl....eww



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