New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year was filled with heart ache and laughter.  I am thankful for all the people that have given me such an interesting life experience.  This year I went to countless concerts, festivals, met people I'll never forget some I am trying to, I grew as a person through friendship and loss, I started this blog (thank you Angelica xx) and expanded my mind in ways I never thought.  Every passing day I get a better understanding of what's going on - and I am grateful to everyone for putting up with everything else that pops in my head!  :)  I am just navigating through life trying to be as happy as I can be. 

I love everyone :) :) :)

hugs and lots of kisses with tongue


easy on the eyes
is not easy to forget

This makes me happpppppy!

Norway Bans Fur From Oslo Fashion Week

Norway, of all places, has become the first country to ban fur from its runways during Oslo Fashion Week, which will be held from February 14 to 20. You would think the first place to do away with animal pelts would be in a warmer climate, where wind does not shoot snowflakes down your collar and slush does not pile on street corners and force pedestrians to hop single file over a tiny pathway dug between two mountainous drifts! But then again, maybe Norwegians are better at handling snow than New Yorkers.

If you wear fur a big fuck you is in store for you.  :)


Tempestuous Duffel Bag

I carry around sharpies and tag shit.

I did this to my duffel bag on the way to Art Basel.
My brother took a picture of it on the way to the gym.

Human Experience #10,829: We're crafty

How to Cast / Plaster / Keepsake body parts:

L- Wisk it! The Alginate needs to bond with water, watch out for air bubbles.
R- Pour it! Into the container.  Tap it onto a flat surface to allow air bubbles to escape.

L- Insertion!  He chose a first with his green lantern ring.
R- Hold it!  It was hard keeping his arm still until the Alginate became rubbery


This is the mold outside the bucket

Getting it out of the mold

At first glance
He took the Dremel to it and softened it up


Bronze and green paint finish it off


Little Olive chillin' on the bed wearing a
Royal Dog encrusted shirt...she's so fucking adorable


My Job at a Glance

Me: 57 – take WB Semoran Blvd to SB OBT call me approaching Silver Star….
57: 10-4
Me: 47 – Take EB Semoran Blvd to NB US-17 92 call approaching SR-46
47: 10-4
Me: Air 1 – Check congestion on SR-408
Air 1: Copy.

47: Radio- I haven’t found SR-46 yet crossing Semoran Blvd…I’m at Semoran by Red Bug Lake Rd
Me: 47- I asked you to take NB US17 92 to there…but it is alright take Tuskawilla to SR-434
47: Oh I didn’t hear you, sorry Radio.


Me: 47- Oh it’s alright don’t worry about it just get back on track Tuskawilla to SR-434



I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyday is so different.  My coworkers are absolute dolls even though I want to just roll my eyes at their frivilous concerns.  I have to dispatch 2 vehicles and an air unit on top of dealing with on air personalities, computer issues, commercial breaks that last too long, spots that they can’t squeeze into 30 seconds, copies that get lost, scheduling conflicts and WHO THE FUCK TOOK THE LAST CUP OF COFFEE?!

:D The adrenaline that comes from all this is so sexy, it gets me on my feet. I just can’t sit still. I really wonder what a TV producer goes through, sitting behind the scenes with all those screens. The rush from your blood boiling, the urge to throw a chair across the room, over correcting and having back ups for back ups…..My nipples get hard just thinking about it.

This is why I work so well under pressure.

News Desks Unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop and Look

High like a helium balloon
Midnight to noon
I'm a desert child
And mountains make me nauseous
I like to look up wild at an infinte sky
Twinkling with diamonds
It's true I get depressed in fancy hotel rooms
Undressed with nothing to flaunt but my loneliness
Thinking of the night song of your hair

On the way back home from the Christmas weekend celebration.
D. and I stopped at the side of the Turnpike NB so he can take a piss.
While he did that I got out and just looked out at the Universe

It was magical! 

There was no light pollution.  There are so many stars to see.  They all shine so bright.

It was wonderful to stop just for a moment.

Merry Giftmas to me!!!!

My brother and I went shopping and I got this for myself:

yet, another pair of sunglass!

and candles and lotion <3 mango coconut!!!

My Sanctuary: This is where I hide

I decided I needed to move my room around.
I did this sometime last week.

This is the result:


My bed at the corner of the creeper window
Gizmo chilling on my messy bed, the psychedelic wall hanger I've had forever!  It even survived Bonnaroo 2010 -  Love that shit!
The end of my bed 
Olive chilling on the end

Architecture books and Tori Amos piano


This is where the magic happens - My table desk
R- Paint brushes, Paints, Paper Lanterns, Sketch book
L- Clip on Lights, Hats, Laptop

L- My architecture projects.  love love them :)
R- K. and I painted those at the Mennello Museum

L- Janis Joplin over Le Corbusier's 5 points (great to keep handy)
R- Corner Shelf with books, Pictures, and Movies

Candles and Nagchampas - mmmmmmmm  :)

My closet
Where are the doors?!  Took those bitches off.  My piano right thurrr!

 Looking towards the bed:
The World!!!

L- Random boxes filled with memorabilia :) 
My sunglasses are easy to find like this - if only I didn't lose them all the time.
R- Picture that I did <3

I accidentally pulled off a beauty mark and it bled bled bled!  :)

fa la la la la la la la la....

Work is really slow today.  I took some pictures of my co-workers.  We are all here busting ass and having a grand-ol-time.  I have one of the best coworkers and most awesome job!

Dough with Eric Brown in the background - WDBO

Beverly Bentley Steele - Hiding in her booth: WMMO, STAR +

Jarrod - Thumbs up: HOLIDAY PAY!!!

Alex Diaz- Repping Steelers Glory: WHTQ, K92 +

Roberto leaving one of the booths. Paul doting around - get to work!

lol - Jarrod also gave a moving performance of a coworker freaking out :)

This is our company Charlie Brown Tree:

Good Times.

Gifts I have received:

From Davy / WDBO

I got from another worker a card with some cute chocolates...I donated the chocolates to the office candy jar....sweet gesture though!

Drown in Hypersexuality

Oil Pastels


I started this yesterday; it is a work - in - process...there is still more I want to do in the head area; but, I don't know what.  Last night I had to walk away from it.  Lets see what I come up with next....

Human Experience: #10,813 - broken hearts club activate!!!


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