fa la la la la la la la la....

Work is really slow today.  I took some pictures of my co-workers.  We are all here busting ass and having a grand-ol-time.  I have one of the best coworkers and most awesome job!

Dough with Eric Brown in the background - WDBO

Beverly Bentley Steele - Hiding in her booth: WMMO, STAR +

Jarrod - Thumbs up: HOLIDAY PAY!!!

Alex Diaz- Repping Steelers Glory: WHTQ, K92 +

Roberto leaving one of the booths. Paul doting around - get to work!

lol - Jarrod also gave a moving performance of a coworker freaking out :)

This is our company Charlie Brown Tree:

Good Times.

Gifts I have received:

From Davy / WDBO

I got from another worker a card with some cute chocolates...I donated the chocolates to the office candy jar....sweet gesture though!

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