Giftmas with GWAR

True Story:

Back in 2004 I saw Gwar with Dying Fetus at the House of Blues.  I was kicked out and cited "drunk & disorderly".  The cops were nice enough to just let me slide once I was outside and requested a bucket.  A couple of laughs later and some hot short stranger along with my hot tall roomate "escorted" me to the bathroom at the Virgin music store where I cleaned up. Somehow I ended up back at our apartment and in my bed in one piece.  I remember some chic that I knew from a friend friend looking a me in disgust at the Virgin store - it's okay though cuz I was having fun while she was sippin' on the haterade!

This year I saw Gwar again at Bonnaroo - rocking out at the fountain that was dyed red....It was so much fun - these mother fuckers are metal !!!

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