My Sanctuary: This is where I hide

I decided I needed to move my room around.
I did this sometime last week.

This is the result:


My bed at the corner of the creeper window
Gizmo chilling on my messy bed, the psychedelic wall hanger I've had forever!  It even survived Bonnaroo 2010 -  Love that shit!
The end of my bed 
Olive chilling on the end

Architecture books and Tori Amos piano


This is where the magic happens - My table desk
R- Paint brushes, Paints, Paper Lanterns, Sketch book
L- Clip on Lights, Hats, Laptop

L- My architecture projects.  love love them :)
R- K. and I painted those at the Mennello Museum

L- Janis Joplin over Le Corbusier's 5 points (great to keep handy)
R- Corner Shelf with books, Pictures, and Movies

Candles and Nagchampas - mmmmmmmm  :)

My closet
Where are the doors?!  Took those bitches off.  My piano right thurrr!

 Looking towards the bed:
The World!!!

L- Random boxes filled with memorabilia :) 
My sunglasses are easy to find like this - if only I didn't lose them all the time.
R- Picture that I did <3

I accidentally pulled off a beauty mark and it bled bled bled!  :)

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