OMU !!!!!!!!!!!

I am stoked, because I have 13 followers :D   And, because I got a random AIM from "NdFlndrs" who claims that he reads my blog.   I am soo happy that I got fans finding me & giving me feedback :D  I entertain!!! 

I had very twisted aspirations when I started this.  Mainly to become the Anais Nin of the Blogosphere....Document my life and let whoever wants to read my adventures read them.

Now this "NdFlandrs" could be someone I know disguised as a random person but it doesn't bother me :D  Lie to me bitches, I love it!!!  He's also a college student and an Atheist from PA :)  He had some blasphemous things to say which were sexy ;)  Nothing better than a good ol' Osteen bashing.

So, Ned if you are reading this:  I love you, Keep reading cuz I don't know how to shut off the crazy!!!
A small piece of our convo:

ndflndrs: i checked it out... i like your mind, it seems pretty nutty - very entertaining
me: it is  :D
ndflndrs: i can tell
it's all over the place
yet strangely erotic
me: what about you....a boy contacting a nutty girl very early on a sunday....
ndflndrs:  ahh, prob just as nutty
hmm... wait the more i look at your blog, prob not. i'm kidding
me: ;)

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