Art Basel: Miami Edition

Nothing inspires me more than being overwhelmed by beauty.  This weekend let the art flow through my big vain.  I'm attending Art Basel in Miami with two girlfriends - I cannot wait.  I love museums and gallery shows - this is all that on steroids.

I have already RSVP'd to some events

I'm going to take as many pictures, meet and greet as many artist, and ask ask ask!  I need to fatten my porfolio with some new pieces.
Going to United Nude:
they create some fabulous shoes!!!

Design Contest: Flavorpill

I subscribe to Flavorpill, and they are giving away a trip to Art Basel in Miami.  They have a contest to design their logo, which will double the chance of winning the VIP Art Basel Experience.   They post the entries on their Facebook page, and for every five "likes" my logo gets, they'll give me an extra chance to win the trip.

Plus, the top 12 logos will each get one week as Flavorpill's Facebook profile pic. Showcasing my art in front of tens of thousands of culturally savvy readers.

:)  I'm already acting like I won, because, well I am cocky like that: I strap it on with gusto!

My idea behind these, is to use the color wheel and super-impose their logo onto it.  I played around with different combinations, submitting these 3:

wish me luck!

Architecture in Shopping

Ornament and Crime : Blue Onion Design
by: Maxim Velcovsky


I found this in an online store, Far4.  
The name of this porcelain Lenin head reminds me of my History class.


Ornament and Crime
Adolf Loos - 1908

Design 3: Habersham Hall - part 2

My cell phone has not been the same since my nephew dunked it into his food bowl.  Every time I try to take a picture, it tries to load it then goes back to the main screen.  My luck!  I figured this out last week, I've been occasionally trying it again in hopes that it will sort itself out.  It hasn't.  Soooo, I just tried the broken camera and IT WORKED :D  I really didn't think it would.  I am happy, finally one for me.  The screen is all fuzzy, it is hard to see what you are taking a picture of, but when I plugged the card the pictures are clear:


Axonometric Drawing : 30 / 60
Pencil line weights: 8H, 6H, 4H
Color: Pink to show movement of space
1 foot = 1/8 inch


Habersham Hall

Architecture Lecture: Bernard Tschumi

Concept, Context and Content



November is the cruelest month


The Turkey Holocaust is upon us. As a vegetarian this is the saddest day of the year.

I am thankful for so much in my life.  This fragile existence we live is what it is: a series of passing moments strung together by emotions. Being respectful towards all living things shouldn’t be a pipe dream.

My wish for everyone today:   
A little tofurky, a lot of sides, and some pie...A meatless Thanksgiving for all!!!!

Live compassionately.

Recipes and Ideas:


i love him so much it just turns to hate

To fight the blues:

Ah, to attend one of these!  I always need a new car, or cruise, or diamond studded anything.  My homie kept uploading these vids on his iPhone and cracking me up!  :D  The whole morning we were doing Oprah give-away voice:

You are all getting - William Sonoma's mini croissaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanttttts!!!!

Not Married...No Children....Doing it RIGHT:


Washing this right out of my hair
Shaking it right outta my life....

LIVE! Regis and Kelly: Vote Now!

My co-worker Alex Diaz at Mix 105.1 needs as many votes as possible to win this.
He is a good guy with tons of energy and a zest for life!  Please vote for him so he can win a trip to NYC and co-host Regis and Kelly :D  He deserves it!



!!!!!!!!WIN WIN WIN WIN!!!!!!!!

This GLASS is absolutely half-full!!!!

Location: Bedford, NY - Price: $2M
Designed by Pritzker Prize winning American Architect: Philip Johnson.
(It is not as classy as the AT+T building)

From the Curbed article:

        Acclaimed mid-century architect Philip Johnson is probably best known for his iconic 1949 Glass House, built in New Caanan, Conn., as the architect's "private" residence. Today, the Glass House is renowned as one of the finest examples of Bauhaus-influenced modernist architecture; if you need a refresher, we happened to publish illustrator Maira Kalman's depiction of the dwelling yesterday. The New Caanan wonder might have kickstarted Johnson's career, but it wasn't his first commission. This three-bedroom brick-and-glass creation in Bedford, N.Y., marked Johnson's debut. Though it shares many similarities with the Glass House—an oversize verdant lot, the same material palette, the same basic form—it also seems timid next to his later exhibitionist masterpiece. With the Glass House controlled by the National Trust and unlikely to see the market ever again, $2M seems just about right for this temple to restraint.

Tons of awesome pics at the Huffington Post....Just follow the link.


Manicure Monday: Inverse

I really wanted to use the orange again because it is such a bright -power- color and persimmon is in, this is the closets that I can get.
I decided a white and orange combo.  The original thought was mod dots, but that did not turn well at all.  So I returned to my shaky stripes  :D

The orange looks different on the pictures but it is the same color, on both...bad photographer ;)

Sall Hansen: White
NYC: Orange

Sauce: Picasion

Break my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've held off posting about Lanvin's unveil over the weekend.  I was so busy taking care of my nephew who is a little tornado, dealing with personal demons and fighting surrender.

This collection is awesome.  I want to live in this hotel/apartment and dorm with one of those pretty things or Alber as long as he doesn't snore.  The H+M store here in town was ransacked - I found myself pining over the dresses that I cannot afford even at a marginal price for Lanvin.  I need another job, or a sugar daddy, - no -just a sugar daddy I have no more time to devote to another job.  I cannot even put aside sleep time, but I'll put aside sugar daddy time hopefully who is older (much older) and doesn't really wanna do stuff.

This is me:
i give up - i can no longer live under these conditions!

Doctor recommended retail therapy
Happy Analia

one thing is for sure Alber Elbaz can save any day:

save me baby from this monotonous vanilla life!!!!!!!! 

Alber Simpsonized for a very fun Vogue spread:


I'm home alone taking care of my wonderful nephew, and decided to do a Bonnarooooooo post.  Since announcing the pre-sale for 2011's ticket, this black Friday, I've been bonnadreaming.

my nephew exploring the world of music through my classic Casio keyboard

In the Press: On the radio

My co-worker Alex Diaz DJ at Mix 105.1 asked me to help him out with a bit.  He needed a female voice to play Jessica Simpson, talking about Prince William's engagement to Kate Middleton stealing her thunder!  This is a snipet another co-worker captured

Listen aired material, here!

Architecture: A-B-C-D-E-F-G....

I've been practicing my architecture writing in my sketchbook:

National UN-Friend Day

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, we now have an excuse to remove those pesky trolls on your facebook "friend" list.  I am putting friends in quotation, because most of mine are middle and high school peeps that I haven't seen in 10 years and haven't spoken to in 11.

My count as of 7:30am - 142 friends.....I wonder what it will be by the end of the day ;)

update:  Lost zer0 friends :D  yay!

Boutiques.Com - Open for fashion!

Another tool to empower the fashionista in you!  I just made my account, and exploring the site.  It is a little slow, but I like the concept of it.  I am following Mary Kate and it shows me items that she would likely wear, with prices to buy.  If you like one of the items you can click the love button and it will ask you if you love the color, style, pattern, etc.... / powered by google

Where is my Frog?!

...We Stole Jessica Simpson's Thunder...

I'm happy for her. I always felt bad when the press would call her "Waiting Katie" - like they wouldn't wait around for a PRINCE to propose. I tip my hat off to Kate, you did it baby!  Giving us girls hope :D 

My hope comes in Ginger:
Even though I'm a conscientious objector - I do not object to this: 
My dad would approve the rugby skills
 Hanging out with some friends


Manicure Monday: Nutmeg Frost

I'm keeping it sweet and simple for this week
I want to add some gold to it thought...I'll update if I make up my mind ;)

Sally Hansen
New Lengths: Nutmeg Frost
Mico-Fiber Strenghtener with Vitamin Clacium Complex

Human Experience #10,775: Social Distortion Pictures + Show Story

Pictures: Dilf Alert

Mike Ness comes out looking all cool and sexy - wearing a fedora, white shirt, black suspenders, and navy blue pants
 He takes his hat off - unfortunately the shirt stays on
I kept thinking to myself:  That's a real man all broody tattooed slicked back hair looking sexy - he can kick someone's ass for being disrespectful but wouldn't because he is a gentleman...yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......................
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