My Experience #10,764: Cattle 67 - Where are you???

I was driving home from work on the Turnpike and come up to a truck carrying cattle. My heart just begins to drop with grief. As I pull around I am staring at the asses of cattle all squished together in this metal cage with shit on their asses, looking disgusting as fuck. They are all facing the other way except for one Cattle #67 – her or his big face pushes through one of the opening and looks at my car. I look straight at that big beautiful animal and speed up to pass it. The cab hauling it had this huge sticker on it:

Graham Angus Farm
Albany, Georgia

And I just burst into tears. Those poor cows, like Jews going to Auschwitz, are doomed. I cried and cried on the way home. I can’t imagine looking at animals so innocent and loveable then slaughtering them. I am such a softy. Even typing this I’m tearing up. I have the deepest, biggest, softest spot for animals.

We are a horrible, insensitive, and cold species. We should all be vegetarians at the least.

So, Cattle #67 wherever you are in whatever form you might now exist – This post is for you!  You will live forever through me and this blog.


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