Bohemian Reborn

John Malkovich, yes the actor, has a new clothing line:  Technobohemian.  This isn't like Lauren Conrad, or Jessica Simpson's every day looks pretty basic line.
I am a huge fan of patterns and mix/matching textiles.  This collection is the perfect combination that fulfills my lust.  There are right ways to do it and wrong ways.  This is the absolutely right way to do it.  From the buttons, to the pocket linings and collar trim nothing has been overlooked - every line and stitch is there because it ought to be there.  I can tell, and you will too how much love, attention and time has been devoted to the craft.  I never thought of John Malkovich as a designer, until now.  He personally overlooks every design and sketch with his team in Italy; assembling this spring and summer 2011 collection for the man who has taste and style.

 a modern take on the classic suit/vest combo
for the contemporary man who stands apart from the herd

Source:  Technobohemian by John Malkovich


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  1. Oh yes, definitely for the contemporary man who wants to stand out. With mixtures of prints like that, how can you not? I like it; it's fun yet polished at the same time.



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