Break my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've held off posting about Lanvin's unveil over the weekend.  I was so busy taking care of my nephew who is a little tornado, dealing with personal demons and fighting surrender.

This collection is awesome.  I want to live in this hotel/apartment and dorm with one of those pretty things or Alber as long as he doesn't snore.  The H+M store here in town was ransacked - I found myself pining over the dresses that I cannot afford even at a marginal price for Lanvin.  I need another job, or a sugar daddy, - no -just a sugar daddy I have no more time to devote to another job.  I cannot even put aside sleep time, but I'll put aside sugar daddy time hopefully who is older (much older) and doesn't really wanna do stuff.

This is me:
i give up - i can no longer live under these conditions!

Doctor recommended retail therapy
Happy Analia

one thing is for sure Alber Elbaz can save any day:

save me baby from this monotonous vanilla life!!!!!!!! 

Alber Simpsonized for a very fun Vogue spread:

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