Architecture + Fashion = Frank Gehry and Lady GaGa

Almost a year ago MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Los Angeles celebrated their 30th year anniversary gala.  Conceived by Francesco Vezzoli: The Shortest Musical You Will Never See Again
partners Lady GaGa and the Bolshoi Ballet for a one-of-a-kind performance art piece.

Dress: Prada
Hat: Frank Gehry
Shoes: Gaga
Mask: Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin

These pictures do not show the inside of a hat, it is an eye.  Gehry said that he had done the initial drawing on his iPhone, which an assistant then produced: a violet scribble with a black-and-blue iris at the center.

Frank Gehry explained in an interview with The New Yorker:

“Since I’ve never designed a hat before, I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to walk, I did have an idea that involved people with sticks holding it up, walking behind her. I didn’t know how far I could go with this thing.”

I am glad he just went with the ~all seeing eye~  I think it is fantastic!!!  It makes perfect sense that he would love GaGa.  She is out of her mind - much like his buildings. The Fame Monster is an absolutely great album, you can't hate on him for lovin' it or claiming to. And, this is a perfect way to get his name on the lips of the new generation - duh!  :)  Next up?  He should design a home for Justin Beiber - jus' saying....

Frank and I thank you for reading :D


Trailer by: Jonas Akerlund

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  1. Funnily enough, I consider this one of her more subdued outfits! Although the eye thing is pretty amazing!



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