October is....

October is suffering from multiple-month-syndrome:

Breast Cancer Month
Which I support as a lover of my own breasts and other ladies and men breasts.  In memory of those who lost the battle and the unfortunate ones who are going through it.

Hispanic Heritage Month
This is an obvious since I am Hispanic :D

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Month
Today is national coming out day :) I support this since I am bi and have had many loving relationships with women.  My sister-from-another-mother is a proud gold star lesbian who I love so much and support everything she does.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Yes to this!  I grew up in a violent household and domestic abuse shaped the way I see the world.  There is a lot of taboo about saying anything, a lot of shame that needs to be done with!

Architecture Month in Orlando
I love this - I am going to be a kick ass architect/designer/consultant/structure artist and support anything that exposes the importance of architecture in our culture.

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