This is why Mitt Romney's Mormonism MATTERS:

While all religions are unnecessary. Mormons have taken a big slice from the crazy cake. Believing in the after life, some god up in the sky, that thoughts in your head are sent to someone somewhere; is pretty out there - so is thinking when you die you will get a planet, or virgins...I can't even crack jokes because all this speaks for itself.  It would be beyond great to think that when I pass I will see my grandparent and whomever I have lost to that point - but that is not real.  That is why being alive is so important.  Connections with each other, understanding, apathy/empathy it is all vital.  There are no do overs, when today is gone it is final. It is refreshing and free to know that every moment is it.  It would be a beautiful existence if everyone embraced their Atheism - let me reword that if everyone just embraced beign human and accepted that we are beings who are on this floating spinning rock and we must support each other and strive for humanity as a species to do great. No more separation due to class, religion, race, sex, or anything else - just love, just human!!!  A girl can dream

"I want to conquer the world, Give all the idiots a brand new religion, put an end to poverty, uncleanliness and toil, promote equality in all of my decisions....Expose the culprits and feed them to the children, I'll do away with air pollution and then I'll save the whales, We'll have peace on earth and global communion" -Bad Religion

Bill Maher:

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