Human Experience #10,875 : Birth of PUSH


The aftermath:

I started by dripping black paint and using a brush to push the paint about the canvas.
Then I used my hands to smear it around.  The static object:


I used the same technique with the blue, using the same paintbrush.  I wanted to transfer some of the black paint onto the blue to show an attachment between the elements.

I mixed the orange and just splattered it on the painting. I used the natural splash from the orange paint to direct the motion. The colors mixed together adding to the effect of movement and depth.

I wanted the picture to capture the momentum of Push.
I knew the colors I wanted to use and the feel that it needed to have.
Translating it onto canvas was the original challenge, but I got it together
and worked it out.  I want it to say:

Don't Stop. Keep Going. Push Through. Obstacles are welcomed.

Intentional inspirational piece; keep on keeping on:

I need a better picture, once it is more presentable.

I love it.

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