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I love art.  I have always doodled, drawn, traced, painted, and created in any way possible.  When I needed to escape I was able to construct my means.  I am not breaking any barriers in innovation, but my contribution however small and amateur are better than none.  I keep making and going.  It is the only way I know how to be.  Last week the Art Project, by Google opened up.  It is a virtual way to explore museums from all over the globe.  Some museums have online virtual tours of their galleries, and if lucky of special exhibition, and events.  Google has taken art and put it on steroids.  You can navigate the museums, look at the art, zoom into the works and bring up all this information: height, medium, notes, other work by same artist, etc.  It is amazing!

This is how I get to escape without leaving Florida. My eye candy:

Van Gogh Museum : Amsterdam

art x nerd

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