Architectural Theory : Vitruvius, On Architecture, Book 2

Architectural Theory
Volume 1 - An Anthology From Vitruvius to 1870
edited by: Harry Francis Mallgrave
A. Classical and Medieval Traditions

On Architecture, Book 2
-The Origin of the Dwelling House

This was a great read:  Vitruvius walks you through the steps of primitive man’s existence. Theorizing how we came to find fire and manipulated it for our survival and quality of life better.  Gaining warmth and social gatherings. Man then refined building their dwellings from carving into mountains or hillock and using trees, mud, and other items from nature. “They would daily point out to each other the results of their building, boasting of the novelties in it; and thus, with their natural gifts sharpened by emulation, their standards improved daily” (10). It provided shelter from the elements and predators. Architecture even in its most primitive state has been the first mode of art and creativity within our species. We went “from a rude and barbarous mode of life to civilization and refinement” (11).

*notes and information I've taken from my readings - this book was purchased for the arch theory class ARC1201.

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