Architectural Theory : Vitruvius, On Architecture, Book 3

Architectural Theory
Volume 1 - An Anthology From Vitruvius to 1870
edited by: Harry Francis Mallgrave
A. Classical and Medieval Traditions

On Architecture, Book 3

-On Symmetry: In temples and in the Human Body

The alignment between architecture and the human form inspired Leonardo da Vinci to create Vitruvian Man.
Architects must observe and be aware of the importance of symmetry in temples.  Symmetry also sets a precedent on what should be - a sample/rule of thumb.  Without symmentry and proportion there can be no principles in the design of any temple.  The examples of nature’s work on the human body it’s calculations from one to another might  have a slight variations.  Finding and translating harmony through a whole work must be achieved in temples.  While on a home there might be restrictions on height/width - it is not so in temples.  Representing the divine through material wether concrete, stained glass, or light is a challenge that brings ingenuity to the forefront.  Houses of worship use minimal furniture for ambiance, relying on architecture to fill in this void.

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