SSA Tabling

As part of the SSA- Secular Student Alliance
Our message to spread separation of church and state, secular views, and all around awesomeness:

We got some solid interests and a couple of assholes.

One of the assholes, is some chick from the arch discipline.  She sees me and I wave she waves back and comes by.  She says: "What's this?" And I say "I'm part of the SSA" and she picks up a booklet and read aloud "What is an Atheist?" I know what an Atheist is!" makes some comment as she walks away to her companion and they giggle at us.  V and C on the table were offended by her but they should not be because at the end of the day: the joke is on her!!!  I spoke to her once about AIAS and she was cool about it but now that I see she has this condescending bitch tone to her step - I know that girl is trouble and the only words I'll direct to her are about architecture and the like.  I don't need someone that negative, pathetic and weak willed in my circle of trust.

SSA and Me!

80 percent of success showing up!

Well that is what happened to me.  As a long standing member with the SSA, I went to the first official meeting of the Fall Semester :D  There I met the president, other members and student advisers.  They were filling out the forms and there was some gaps in the officers.  I promptly put me hat in the ring for Secretary and:

Anyone opposes to Analia beign Secretary of the SSA? -no one raises a hand-
no? okay!  Welcome aboard!

YES FUCK YEAH :D  As a proud Atheist now I hold a position within the SSA :)

So now I am an Officer in two College Organizations:

SSA - Secretary
AIAS - Marketing Manager

If I can get a position within the vegetarian friends it would describe me to a T.

Animal loving, peace spreading, Atheist embracing, Architecture creating, Punk BITCH 



I dyed my hair from my natural dark brown hair to this vibrant red WITHOUT any bleach.
How did I do it?  With the help of my brother and the awesome chicks at Sallys!

I bought Loreal HiColor in Red and mixed it with 30vol developer.  I put it all over my head.
The first try my roots were brighter than the rest of my head.
I went back to Sallys and they recommended: Color Zap
I put that on not on the roots but on the lower part that was darker and it lifted the brown and left the red.  It all evened out perfectly.  I washed it out with water only, blow dried it and did another Loreal Red and POOF:

perfect fucking bright red.

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