I dyed my hair from my natural dark brown hair to this vibrant red WITHOUT any bleach.
How did I do it?  With the help of my brother and the awesome chicks at Sallys!

I bought Loreal HiColor in Red and mixed it with 30vol developer.  I put it all over my head.
The first try my roots were brighter than the rest of my head.
I went back to Sallys and they recommended: Color Zap
I put that on not on the roots but on the lower part that was darker and it lifted the brown and left the red.  It all evened out perfectly.  I washed it out with water only, blow dried it and did another Loreal Red and POOF:

perfect fucking bright red.

When I turned 30 I wanted to do something crazy.  I didn't know what.  Everyone suggested jumping out of a plane. ect....  I have never dyed my hair crazy colors so I thought why not.  well there was a lot until I got to the why not.  He was very instrumental in pushing me to do something new and with his support and other friends cheering me on I did it!  On my own time without the pressure :D

Friday I got some really shitty news at work and with the morning traffic and news crew thinning I figured why the fuck not.  I went to Sallys with my brother and balls to the ball!

This is in memory of Air 1 - this is my jumping out of a plane.

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