SSA and Me!

80 percent of success showing up!

Well that is what happened to me.  As a long standing member with the SSA, I went to the first official meeting of the Fall Semester :D  There I met the president, other members and student advisers.  They were filling out the forms and there was some gaps in the officers.  I promptly put me hat in the ring for Secretary and:

Anyone opposes to Analia beign Secretary of the SSA? -no one raises a hand-
no? okay!  Welcome aboard!

YES FUCK YEAH :D  As a proud Atheist now I hold a position within the SSA :)

So now I am an Officer in two College Organizations:

SSA - Secretary
AIAS - Marketing Manager

If I can get a position within the vegetarian friends it would describe me to a T.

Animal loving, peace spreading, Atheist embracing, Architecture creating, Punk BITCH 


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